Frigos New Line
Isothermal vans for commercial vehicles in line with the times
Frigos New Line
Reliability, customization, lightness
Our staff is available around the clock to help with any request
A product constructed to the individual requirements of the customer
A lightweight product that allows greater load capacity
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The Company

For more than twenty years “Frigos Europe S.r.l” has been the leading manufacturer of isothermal vans, which are increasingly innovative addressed to satisfying the demands of our customers and the current market.

To satisfy these various demands, Frigos Europe vans can be used for any kind of transport, and constructed with the necessary Health and ATP Certifications, and then fitted to measure.

Research into new production technology and our production organisation system mean that our products have incomparable competitive advantages:

  • Lightweight so the customer has greater transport capacity.
  • Total customisation being designed and constructed according to the customer’s specific requirements.

All the Frigos Europe isothermal fittings can be supplied in assembly kits that are extremely simple to mount and also considerably reduce transport costs.

Technical consultancy

With more than twenty years of experience, our staff is able to help and advise the customer in choosing the right type of fitting.Our technicians are there to help with any technical problems or requests (designing and producing customised fittings), and isothermal needs (reference standards, type of chiller to install, minimum thickness according to the type of transport, etc.).

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